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Acutect is a Chinese company that develops andmanufactures high end optoelectronic devices and gas monitoring products. Theywere expanding into the US market with high expectations of success with theirportable, gas detecting devices and technology. This expansion required arename and rebrand that would appeal to the American market and overcome the beliefthat Chinese manufacturing was synonymous with low-quality goods.


Ethera created an internal brand strategy andreworked the company name and tagline, combining accurate and detection, tocreate the name Acutect, which put the product and purpose front and center.The new tagline, “Reliably accurate, measurably better” emphasized theproducts’ benefits of reliability and safety for customers. The boldness andweight of the design reflect the sturdiness and dependableness of the product.In designing the look and feel, Ethera incorporated subtle laser elements intothe “A” symbol and chose bright orange and yellow colors to reflect theindustrial feel of the devices and to increase visibility in the field.