Ethera Manifesto

we are a creative studio

We are designers, storytellers and problem solvers. We give space for
free thinking, put our daydreams to use and engage ideas to make the abstract reality.

we engage in relationships

Using creativity and design thinking, we work together with companies to help them reach their goals and tell their stories. We create authentic, user-oriented interactions and engage consumers as participants in the brand.

we are storytellers

Creativity and storytelling are our tools for communicating and connecting with others. We use them to create opportunities, to give voice to topics that are important and to leave the world a better place.

we are expert makers

We are design enthusiasts, wordsmiths and visual zealots. We play between tension and harmony to form the interplay between visuals, words, motion and sound. We use design to bring joy to our environment and to create seamless experiences with brands and objects that we use everyday.

we are ethera. a creative studio